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My Unscripted Life by Lauren Morrill

My Unscripted Life
By: Lauren Morrill
Released: October 11, 2016
Source: Netgalley
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Sometimes love stories go off script. Another sultry Georgia summer is about to get a lot hotter. Dee Wilkie is still licking her wounds after getting rejected by the precollege fine arts program of her dreams. But if she'd gone away, she wouldn't have been around to say yes to an unbelievable opportunity: working on the set of a movie filming in her small Southern town that just happens to be starring Milo Ritter, the famous pop star Dee (along with the rest of the world) has had a crush since eighth grade. It's not like Dee will be sharing any screen time with Milo—she's just a lowly PA. And Milo is so disappointingly rude that Dee is eager to stay far away from him. Except after a few chance meetings, she begins to wonder if just maybe there's a reason for his offensive attitude, and if there's more to Milo than his good looks and above-it-all Hollywood pedigree. Can a relationship with a guy like Milo ever work out for a girl like Dee? Never say never. . . (Goodreads)

I really enjoyed My Unscripted Life a lot! It was such a cute story filled with drama that I couldn't put down.

My Unscripted Life is the story of Dee who becomes a PA on a movie set after her original summer plans fall through. The star of the movie just so happens to be Milo, the pop star she's had a huge crush on for years. However, it turns out that he isn't exactly who she imagined him to be.

Dee was a well developed protagonist. I liked her a lot because she was realistic. She has her flaws and she could get caught up in her own head sometimes, especially when it came to boys. I really loved how she learns a lot about herself over the course of the summer though. 

This book was packed with great side characters that I just wanted even more of. I loved Dee's parents and I especially loved the relationship that she shared with them. I also loved Dee's friendship with her best friend, Naz. However, I would have loved to see even more of it. Then I loved the moments that Dee shared with her fellow crew members, Carly and Benny. Lastly, I also really enjoyed getting to know Milo. I thought that the relationship that formed between Milo and Dee was really cute. However, I felt like their relationship was really rushed. I would have loved to see it develop more and slow down at times because I felt like it all happened way too quickly. 

My Unscripted Life was filled with a lot of drama and some romance. It was just what I expected from a movie set where the lead is a famous pop star. The plot was paced fast and I ended up reading this book in one day. At times, I just felt like I wanted more from certain scenes. I completely loved the setting in the small town and on the movie set a lot though. I especially loved all of the specific details that Morrill went into when describing the movie set. It was fun to read and learn more about what goes into making a film. 

Overall, I really enjoyed My Unscripted Life a lot. If you're looking for a light and cute contemporary book, then I definitely recommend picking this one up. It's filled with a great group of characters in a fun setting and you won't be able to put it down.  
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  1. I've seen several positive reviews for this book today, so I'm definitely curious about it. Sometimes you just want to read and light and cute book that makes you happy. So glad you enjoyed it!

    Brittany @ Brittany's Book Rambles

  2. Oh this sounds like a very cute and sweet read. Definitely one to check out. Great review!


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