Friday, October 16, 2015

New York Comic Con Recap + Giveaway

New York Comic Con Recap
I attended New York Comic Con this past weekend for my sixth year and it was a great four days. I attended several panels about books, movies, and tv shows. I thought I would share a quick recap of the book related events that I attended. 

I started off Thursday at the ABC Family booth looking at the props from the Shadowhunters tv show. I was completely blown by how amazing the props looked. The mortal cup, seraph blades, and Izzy's whip looked incredible in person. 

Later that day I attended Stephenie Meyer's panel and signing. The panel was great and it wasn't just the same repetitive questions. Stephenie talked a lot about Life and Death and how it isn't a new book, but more of an experiment. She wanted to test out the theory that even a boy in this type of a situation would be a damsel. She also wanted to do something more than just writing a letter for the tenth anniversary. Lastly Stephenie spoke about a new project that she has coming out, but it will be very different from what she has done before. She also said that she is a fan of Rainbow Rowell and has recently been reading her books.
Right after the panel, there was a signing. I brought along my much loved first copy of Twilight to have her sign and finally had the chance to tell her how much these books changed my life as a teen. She was genuinely really nice and funny.  

I really enjoyed the Shadowhunters panel on Saturday! They gave away
Shadowhunters bags that had goodies inside and a poster. The panel began with a six minute clip from the pilot. I loved the clip and my favorite part was seeing Izzy's whip. The cast and Cassandra Clare talked about everything from filming, to training, to the audition process, and even the books. What I loved most about the panel was the energy and chemistry between the cast. They all kept joking around with each other and telling stories from filming. For instance, Matthew Daddario teased Dominic Sherwood about how many steles he broke during filming. Emeraude also laughed about how everyone would clear the set when she had the whip out. Overall this panel just made me even more excited for this show. The cast genuinely seemed to love the characters they are playing and the whole Shadowhunter world.

Later in the afternoon I attended the Shadowhunters signing and this cast is gorgeous in person. I told Kat McNamara how excited I was about her playing Clary and that I really liked her character on Happyland. She said she was sad that Happyland ended, but she never would have gotten the opportunity to do Shadowhunters if it didn't. Isaiah Mustafa was so nice and we briefly talked about the clip. I've met Cassandra Clare a few times in the past so it was great to see her again. We talked about how gorgeous the Lady Midnight
cover came out. Matthew Daddario and Dominic Sherwood were both charming and were happy to hear that I loved the clip. Emeraude Toubia was so sweet and I told her how Izzy is my favorite character. We both freaked out over how cool the whip looked in that clip. She said she feels so lucky to play such an awesome character and asked to please keep tweeting about the show. Harry Shum and Alberto Rosende were also so nice and I told them both just how much they look like what I imagined for their characters. Overall the cast was just so nice and again really gorgeous. I'm so happy I got the chance to meet them.

I also have to mention how great it was to run into some book bloggers during the weekend. It was so nice to meet Nori from and Brittany from

That's it for my recap of the book related events though. I mostly attended television panels this year, so if you are interested in reading about those you can check out my Twitter and Instagram

Since I know not everyone could attend New York Comic Con, I wanted to give away the bag from the Shadowhunters panel. One random winner will receive a Shadowhunters bag, Lady Midnight chapter sampler, stickers, magnet, and tattoos. Open to US residents only and you must be 13 or older. The giveaway ends on November 1. 


  1. I am so bummed i didn't make it to NYCC this year but it looks like you had a fabulous time! So awesome you got to meet Stephenie Meyer and she really is super nice! That is why I get so upset by all the hate. And I am slowly getting excited for the Shadowhunters TV show... I really hope they do it right!

    1. I hope you can make it next year! I also get so upset when I see Stephenie getting all this hate. Listening to her speak at the panel made me respect her even more. I am hopeful about the Shadowhunters show, especially after the panel. I know it will have some differences from the books, but the cast really sounded like they are committed to doing the books justice.

  2. Hands down Magnus! XD So cute and wise!
    Mary G Loki


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