Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The Hunger Games Exhibition

The Hunger Games Exhibition

This past weekend I visited The Hunger Games Exhibition in New York City. It was a really fun experience for any movie or book fan. I went with my dad and my sister, who are both big fans like myself. We had a coupon so we ended up with vip tickets and those came with the mobile guide. I don't think the mobile guide is all that necessary and if I didn't have the coupon, I wouldn't have spent the extra money. With all that being said though, I liked that the mobile guide forced me to slow down and really take my time in each section. The exhibit is broken into sections which make you feel like you are walking through the movies from start to finish. There were costumes, props, and a ton of interactive activities. You could look at an interactive map of the districts, sit on the train to the capitol, sit down for an interview with Caesar, use the Gamemakers table to look at mutations, learn a fight sequence, or make your own propaganda video in district 13.

Below I've included many of the pictures that my sister and myself took.


In The Hob (Notice the Mockingjay Pin)

Reaping Day (The paper in her hand said Katniss and in the bowl on the left, you could see Peeta's name)
On the train to The Capitol

Interview with Caesar

Overall I had a lot of fun at the exhibit. I would definitely recommend checking it out if you have the chance. 

Learn more about the exhibition here
 See even more pictures here.

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