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I Was Here by Gayle Forman

I Was Here
By: Gayle Forman
Released: January 27, 2015
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"Cody and Meg were inseparable. Two peas in a pod. Until . . . they weren’t anymore. When her best friend Meg drinks a bottle of industrial-strength cleaner alone in a motel room, Cody is understandably shocked and devastated. She and Meg shared everything—so how was there no warning? But when Cody travels to Meg’s college town to pack up the belongings left behind, she discovers that there’s a lot that Meg never told her. About her old roommates, the sort of people Cody never would have met in her dead-end small town in Washington. About Ben McAllister, the boy with a guitar and a sneer, who broke Meg’s heart. And about an encrypted computer file that Cody can’t open—until she does, and suddenly everything Cody thought she knew about her best friend’s death gets thrown into question. I Was Here is Gayle Forman at her finest, a taut, emotional, and ultimately redemptive story about redefining the meaning of family and finding a way to move forward even in the face of unspeakable loss." (Summary from goodreads.com)

I really enjoyed I Was Here. It is a really powerful story that I still can't stop thinking about days later. 

I Was Here is the story of Cody who is dealing with the aftermath of her best friends suicide. Cody and Meg grew up together and were inseparable. After Meg's death, Cody questions how she didn't see the signs and learns that there was a lot that Meg was keeping from her. 

Cody was developed well through the course of the book. As she tries to make sense of Meg's sudden death, she throws herself into trying to figure out all of the secrets that Meg kept from her. I liked Cody because she was complex and realistic. You really see her going through different stages of grief. The side characters were also really great too. 

The plot was intriguing because there was this mystery element to the story when it came to Meg. I'm a big fan of Gayle Forman's previous books because I find her writing to be stunning and she definitely brought that again to this book. I found myself writing down a lot of quotes. I also found myself learning a lot from this book too. The links in the Author's Note led me to doing some more research on a topic I knew very little about prior to reading this book. 

Overall I really enjoyed I Was Here. I definitely recommend picking this book up because it will make you think and you won't stop even after you finish it.

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