Thursday, July 3, 2014

Bookish Vacations

Happy Summer! :)
In honor of summer I'm dedicating this whole post to bookish vacations. When I go away on vacation I always try to visit at least one book related place. So I thought I'd share some of my photos of the book related places that I've visited in the past few years:

City Lights Bookstore - San Francisco, CA
Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg are two of my favorite writers so it was incredible to explore this bookstore.

 Mark Twain's House - Hartford, CT
 This house was so beautiful inside.

Sleepy Hollow - NY
I visited during the month of October and they have so many fun activities going on for Halloween that include hayrides and cemetery tours at night. 

 Bart's Books - Ojai, CA
It's an outdoor bookstore.

The Last Bookstore - Los Angeles, CA
The book tunnel upstairs is a must see!

Warner Bros Studios - Los Angeles, CA:
There is a whole floor dedicated to Harry Potter props including a set of signed first edition books.

I would love to hear all about the book related places you have visited. I have many more on my list that I would love to see (most of them are in Europe). So what book related places have you been to or would love to visit one day?


  1. AH! That's just so awesome! I also love finding bookstores when I go on vacation.. which is sooo rare! I wanna go to some of those places now!! :D

  2. This is such a fun post!

    I too always try to stop at one bookish place while I take a vacation. I recently was in Minnesota for my brother's graduation for a long weekend and visited a really cute bookshop where I found a signed copy of Fangirl! The other big bookish thing I have done on vacation is going to HP world on my honeymoon. Have you been? It's a must for all HP fans. I hope I can go back now that they added to it.

    I would love to walk through a book tunnel! So jealous you got to do that. It's also really cool that you went to Sleepy Hallow and of course saw the awesome HP stuff at the Warner Bros. studio. You have gone to a lot of awesome bookish places.

    I really like your blog as well. New Bloglovin follower. :)

    Kay @ It's a Book Life

    1. Thank you, Kay! :) I love visiting a bookshop and finding some signed copies. Fangirl is an awesome find! I haven't done Wizarding World of Harry Potter yet, but I really want to go. I'm trying to put together a trip soon hopefully. That is so cool that you have been, it looks like so much fun!


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