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White Hot Kiss by Jennifer L. Armentrout

White Hot Kiss
By: Jennifer L. Armentrout
Released: February 25, 2014
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"One kiss could be the last. Seventeen-year-old Layla just wants to be normal. But with a kiss that kills anything with a soul, she's anything but normal. Half demon, half gargoyle, Layla has abilities no one else possesses. Raised among the Wardens—a race of gargoyles tasked with hunting demons and keeping humanity safe—Layla tries to fit in, but that means hiding her own dark side from those she loves the most. Especially Zayne, the swoon-worthy, incredibly gorgeous and completely off-limits Warden she's crushed on since forever. Then she meets Roth—a tattooed, sinfully hot demon who claims to know all her secrets. Layla knows she should stay away, but she's not sure she wants to—especially when that whole no-kissing thing isn't an issue, considering Roth has no soul. But when Layla discovers she's the reason for the violent demon uprising, trusting Roth could not only ruin her chances with Zayne…it could brand her a traitor to her family. Worse yet, it could become a one-way ticket to the end of the world" (Summary from goodreads.com)

I loved White Hot Kiss! I've mentioned it so many times before, but I'm a huge Jennifer Armentrout fan and White Hot Kiss just became my favorite series by Armentrout. 

First I loved these characters! Layla is half demon and half gargoyle. She was taken in and raised by the gargoyles. She learned early on to hide her dark side. I thought that Layla was a strongly developed character. She doesn't know anything about her parents and she is stuck living with a group that she doesn't exactly fit in with. 

Then there is Zayne who is a gargoyle and grew up with Layla. I love the relationship between them and it's clear just how much they care about each other. Lastly there is Roth. Roth has easily become one of my new top favorite book characters. I just loved how Roth was developed and I really loved getting to know him. He wasn't what I expected, and I mean this a good way. I loved the relationship that grew between Roth and Layla as well.

The plot was captivating and exciting from the beginning. I couldn't tear my eyes away from this story for long. One, out of many, of my favorite things about Armentrout's writing is her humor and White Hot Kiss definitely made me laugh. There was a great balance of action, drama, humor, romance, and a bit of a mystery. 

I love this world that Armentrout has built. It's developed very well. The demons and the gargoyles are so fascinating. I loved that the prequel, Bitter Sweet Love, introduced the gargoyle world and in White Hot Kiss the reader learned more about the demon world.

Overall, I loved White Hot Kiss! I highly recommend it to any fans of Jennifer Armentrout or to anyone who is looking for an exciting new paranormal series. I will anxiously awaiting on the edge of my seat for the next book in this series.   
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*Note: There is an exclusive excerpt only available in the end of the print edition of White Hot Kiss


  1. Great review! I loved White Hot Kiss and I am dying for Stone Cold Touch!

  2. Loved that review! I cannot wait to read this one! I'm soooo excited about it! I love the world that JLA has created and the wonderful characters! :D


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