Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Best of 2013: Day 7

The Best of 2013: Day 7

This year I thought I would do something different with my end of the year wrap up. For the next few days I will be featuring different Young Adult bloggers who will talk about what their favorite books were from 2013.

For the last day, I will be sharing my favorite book from 2013. 

It's tough to choose just one, but my favorite book from 2013 is This Song Will Save Your Life by Leila Sales. 

I loved This Song Will Save Your Life because it had a great plot, a strong voice, and well developed characters. I loved how music played a role in this book too. It was just a really beautiful story that I can read over and over again. 

One of my absolute favorite quotes from This Song Will Save Your Life is:

"You think it's so easy to change yourself. You think it's so easy, but it's not. True, things don't stay the same forever: couches are replaced, boys leave, you discover a song, your body becomes forever scarred. And with each of these moments you change and change again, your true self spinning, shifting positions-- but always at last it returns to you, like a dancer on the floor. Because throughout it all, you are still, always, you: beautiful and bruised, known and unknowable. And isn't that - just you - enough." - Leila Sales

You can read my full review for This Song Will Save Your Life here:


  1. Wow, this book is making EVERY blog top 2013 list I've read and I really must read it ASAP! When I first heard the synopsis I think I felt it could be hit or miss, but from all of the reviews, it sounds like it's definitely a hit! I've loved your countdown! :)

  2. This made my Best of 2013 list as well! It was so good and it totally took me by surprise


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