Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Best of 2013: Day 2

The Best of 2013: Day 2

This year I thought I would do something different with my end of the year wrap up. For the next few days I will be featuring different Young Adult bloggers who will talk about what their favorite books were from 2013. 

Meet Amanda from Cite Something:

I’m Amanda and I run the blog Cite Something, which focuses on reading, writing, and research tips for teenagers—mostly reading. Come visit me at www.citesomething.com, find me on Facebook (facebook.com/CiteSomething), and follow me on Twitter (@CiteSomething)

What was your favorite book from 2013?

 I loved so many books that came out in 2013, and I’m seeing most of them ending up on all of the best of the year lists. My pick is a little offbeat. It’s Crap Kingdom by DC Pierson (Viking, 2013).

2.) Why was Crap Kingdom your favorite book of 2013?

I loved this book because it’s WEIRD. It’s an absurd and self-aware fantasy that messes with all  of the conventions of what it means to be the Chosen One. It’s got broad appeal—it’s a funny fantasy couched in reality.

3.) What was your favorite quote from Crap Kingdom?

A favorite quote, from the king, talking about why negativity is one of the land’s most important values: "Our people are happier when their expectations are lower. The past was better than today, today is bad, and tomorrow will be worse. Viewed that way, anything that happens that is remotely good is very good…. Eventually, you are going to fail, and when that failure happens, you will feel even worse than you had when you started. So why start?” (pg 55)

You can read all of Amanda's review for Crap Kingdom here: http://www.citesomething.com/2013/12/05/review-crap-kingdom/

Meet Briana from Pages Unbound: 

 Briana from Pages Unbound (http://pagesunbound.wordpress.com)
1.)    What was your favorite book from 2013?
 Steelheart (Reckoners #1) by Brandon Sanderson
2.)    Why was Steelheart  your favorite book of 2013?
 The best young adult books are great stories that just happen to feature teen characters—not books that authors intentionally dumb down for a younger audience.  Sanderson provides such a story in Steelheart, one skillfully written, complexly characterized, and intensely plotted.  It is an edge-of-your seat read that teaches the audience that trying to save the world, against all odds, is worth the risks.
Thank you Amanda and Briana for sharing your picks!

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Check back again tomorrow to see what other bloggers are choosing as their favorite book of the year.

So what was your favorite book from 2013? 


  1. I've heard of Crap Kingdom, but never had much interest until I read that quote! And I've been dying to read Steelheart for the longest time. Glad to hear it's so good!

  2. Thanks for including me!


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