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Wild Awake by Hilary T. Smith

Wild Awake
By: Hilary T. Smith
Released: May 28, 2013
Source: Edelweiss
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*A copy of this book was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review

"Things you earnestly believe will happen while your parents are away:
1. You will remember to water the azaleas.
2. You will take detailed, accurate messages.
3. You will call your older brother, Denny, if even the slightest thing goes wrong.
4. You and your best friend/bandmate Lukas will win Battle of the Bands.
5. Amid the thrill of victory, Lukas will finally realize you are the girl of his dreams.

Things that actually happen:
1. A stranger calls who says he knew your sister.
2. He says he has her stuff.
3. What stuff? Her stuff.
4. You tell him your parents won’t be able to—
5. Sukey died five years ago; can’t he—
6. You pick up a pen.
7. You scribble down the address.
8. You get on your bike and go.
9. Things . . . get a little crazy after that.*
*also, you fall in love, but not with Lukas.
Both exhilarating and wrenching, Hilary T. Smith’s debut novel captures the messy glory of being alive, as seventeen-year-old Kiri Byrd discovers love, loss, chaos, and murder woven into a summer of music, madness, piercing heartbreak, and intoxicating joy" (Summary from

I liked Wild Awake, but wow I feel like this book messed with my mind a bit. It took me by surprise that this was the direction this book went in, because I didn't expect it at all. It definitely took me a few days to get my thoughts clear on this one.

Kiri's parents are away on vacation and she is staying at home alone. One night she gets a phone call about the abandoned belongings of her dead sister and soon she learns there is much more to the death of her sister then she though. Kiri is an intense character. She is trying to be perfect for her parents and practices the piano constantly. However, she is struggling with the truth regarding the death of her sister and the few memories she had with her. I thought that Kiri was developed fairly well, but I wish she was developed a bit more strongly. There were also plenty of interesting side characters.

The direction that the plot took was unexpected. It really built up well from the beginning to the conflict. I had some issues with how this book ended though, because I felt like I never got any ending or closure. I felt like the conflicts were never resolved and the end of the book just happened too abruptly. After I read that last page, I kept looking for more pages. 

I think what I enjoyed most about this book was Smith's writing. This book just completely messed with my mind and I really felt what the character was experiencing. I just felt so much for Kiri and what she was going through and it tore me up. There were also just some really beautifully written lines. Overall, I liked Wild Awake. This was a story that I don't think I will be able to forget.

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  1. I've had this on my Kindle for months, but just haven't gotten to it. I've heard it's interesting and it sounds like something I'd enjoy. I'm curious now about the plot taking a different direction than the one you were expecting. Great review!
    -Natalie @Natflix&Books

  2. I hate it when i feel like there is no closure. Its one thing that always bothers me. I have been on the fence about this one. Glad you enjoyed it. Great review!

  3. I really liked this book too. I totally felt like I might be going crazy while reading it too, but it was great. I didn't expect that type of story going into it, but it was a pleasant surprise. Great review!

  4. I've heard a lot of terrible things about this one so I'm really glad you liked it. I really hope I like it too. It sounds so good and I'm intrigued to see which direction this book goes in!

  5. Ohh, I haven't heard the best things about this book, but I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed it! I have a copy on hold for me at the library, so I'm looking forward to getting the chance to read this one. Although - the whole not having closure aspect isn't too appealing, but we'll see.

    Great review!


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