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Roman Holiday by Ashleyn Poston

Roman Holiday
By: Ashleyn Poston
Released: June 2013
Source: Author
*Note: This is a New Adult novel
*A copy of this book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review

"Eighteen-year-old Junie Baltimore is glad the band Roman Holiday is dead, done, so last year. She can finally take their wannabe rock songs off the jukebox in her late father's bar and introduce her simple-minded peers to real rock and roll. It's the perfect plan―until the bar falls into foreclosure. While on vacation with her mother and new step-father, she accidentally crosses paths with the estranged lead singer, Roman Montgomery, and finds herself oddly attracted to his quirky humor and guarded ivy eyes. He isn't half-bad, really. In fact, he likes rock and roll, too. The real kind. And he has a killer arm tat. Roman is in town to attend the one-year anniversary of his band mate’s death, and the reason the band disbanded. Rumor has it, he killed her, but the longer the week stretches on, the less Junie believes the rumor. The truth is buried somewhere under his guarded, sad eyes, but before she can find out she is thrust into the media spotlight. Now, a paparazzo hellbent on destroying Roman’s career forever offers Junie the chance to save her late father’s bar from foreclosure. All she has to do is lie, and damn Roman Montgomery to his rightful place… but the truth, if she can find it, will set Roman free. Who is she kidding? That's an easy choice... right?" (Summary from

I really enjoyed reading Roman Holiday. It was just a really fun story to read and I finished this book rather quickly.

Junie is on vacation when she runs into Roman Montgomery, who is in the popular band Roman Holiday. Junie is far from being a fan of Roman Holiday and is instead sick of hearing their music on the radio. Junie is a radio heart and especially loves rock and roll. She was a likable character from the beginning and I loved her taste in music. Then there is Roman who I really enjoyed getting to know as the story progressed. He isn't what I expected. There were also several other fantastic characters, especially Junie's best friend Maggie.

The plot grabbed my attention right away and held it until the end. I especially loved that this was a different type of New Adult story. It was a fun story that had me laughing out loud at some moments. Junie finds herself in some funny and awkward situations. This book also had it's serious moments too though. The rumors are that Roman murdered his band mate and the paparazzi won't leave him alone. Then Junie's father's bar is in danger of foreclosure. Both characters are dealing with a lot.

Overall, I really enjoyed Roman Holiday and recommend it! This book was a fun and different type of New Adult story.

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  1. So..... I just one-clicked this book because of your review! It sounds so awesome and I love me some rock and roll inspired stories and NA is awesome too. Don't know when I'll have time for this one, but hopefully soon. Great review!

  2. I am keen for some different New Adult because I am not liking all the ones out right now - will keep an eye out for this!

  3. This sound like a really fun book. I am really into NA books right now too and this seems like one I would love. Fab review!!

  4. I am so glad this one is different then the other NA books out there right now. Most of them are so cookie cutter it drives me insane. This one looks really cute though!


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