Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Spotlight: Double Star by Cindy Saunders

Double Star
By: Cindy Saunders
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"When Cepheus, a dark god, forces seventeen-year-old Ally Ashworth off an isolated overlook, she has no idea she's falling into his world, or that the necklace she’s wearing is actually a key - one with the power to ignite the next world war. But she’s carried beyond his reach and into the one place where he’s powerless ... the forest of Gilgamesh. Ally’s never been Miss Popularity, but her outsider status takes on new meaning when she’s rescued by Liam Cheveyo and his peculiar friends. After seeing them shape-shift into their freaky humanimal counterparts, Ally smacks hard into a few truths: magic really does exist and, although getting here took no effort, finding her way back might be impossible. Feelings between her and Liam begin to grow along with the realization that, in this world, she’s stronger, better ... until she’s caught in a trap set by the creepy spider-boy Cepheus sends to retrieve her. But Ally’s not going down without a fight, not after learning the horrible truth about the passageways. The survival of both worlds depends on it. Ally’s journey begins in Sedona. Why? Because Sedona is famous for its vortex sites. A vortex is an energy mass that moves in a whirling motion, much like a tornado. They are areas of high energy concentration and originate from magnetic, spiritual or unknown sources. They are also considered to be gateways or portals to other realms. The Great Pyramid in Egypt and Stonehenge are thought to be centers of vortex activity. Ally went over the cliff at the Airport Mesa vortex ... one of four rock formations in Sedona believed to contain a power vortex.  Airport Mesa is named for its location next to the small Sedona Airport. To reach it, drive west out of Sedona on Arizona Highway 89A and turn left onto Airport Road. About halfway up the mesa is a small parking area and the panoramic views from here are among the best in the region. Just remember ... watch your step!"  (Summary from http://www.dblstar.com)

 I Double Star sounds like a really interesting fantasy story! I also like when mythology is blended into a book.


  1. That sounds really interesting. I hadn't heard of it before. Thanks for sharing.

  2. This one does sound interesting! Thanks for sharing :)

    Jesse @ Pretty In Fiction

  3. Congratulations Cindy, this is a great accomplishment. You always had a great imagination.


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