Saturday, September 22, 2012

Author Interview: Travis McBee

Travis McBee, author of the Bridgeworld series, kindly took the time to stop by and answer some questions about his series.

1.) First tell us about the Bridgeworld series.
   Bridgeworld is about a world where aliens are very much real, but unlike those strange things you see in movies, the aliens in Bridgeworld are human just like the rest of us. The only difference in them is that they happened to grow up in a different place...a place with zero gravity gyms, devices that allow you to speak any language, and where you take a flying saucer to earth to scare terrestrials for a bit of fun. The main character, Will, is born to two people who moved to earth before he was born. He doesn’t know anything about his parent’s past until a strange man offers him a scholarship to their old high school, Bridgeworld. He decides to take the plunge and finds himself in a world that is familiar enough to be totally strange.

2.) What inspired you to write the series?
   I came up for the idea for Bridgeworld while sitting on my couch, thinking about a book I had read years before about a boy who finds out his entire community was aliens. I wondered what would happen if he had to go back to his parent’s community without his friends.
  Not being much for books with aliens, however, I decided to take it one step farther. What if there were aliens out there, and they were human just like us. From there, the idea took hold and I began hashing out the back story of how humans came to live in space, what their civilization was like, and what problems it might encounter. The first book is mostly about Will adapting to his new life, but in the second book he learns about the “true” history of Earth.

3.) Do you listen to any particular music while writing?
   I can’t have any music when composing; it distracts me. While I’m editing, though, I will turn on classic rock, dubstep, classical, really whatever fits the mood of the scene I’m working on.

4.) Since the Bridgeworld series involves aliens what is your favorite alien movie?
   Here’s a shocker: I’m really not that into aliens. That was one of the reasons I wrote the extra-terrestrials in Bridgeworld as human. The first stalled drafts of the book had your stereotypical aliens, but they bored me, and I quit on them. Making the characters in space human seemed like the best way to make them both more relatable and interesting. That said, my favorite “alien” movie would probably be “Predator”. Nothing special, I know, but I do like getting to the chopper.

5.) What is your all time favorite book?
   That’s a hard one. I would guess I’d have to go with Harry Potter if you can count a series. If not, I’d roll out Salem’s Lot by Stephen King.

6.) What was the last book you read?
   The last book I read was Hideaway by Dean Koontz

7.) Are you currently working on anything new?
   At the moment I’m idling away at a new novel which is quite different from anything else I’ve written. Once I’m done with that, I’ll probably get started on the Bridgeworld universe again

Thank you again Travis for answering some questions. Check out Amazon and Goodreads to find out more about the Bridgeworld series.

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