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Shade by Jeri Smith-Ready

By: Jeri Smith-Ready
Released: May 4, 2010
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"Aura can see ghosts. Born after the Shift, a little-understood event that enabled younger generations to communicate with the dead, Aura is relentlessly pursued by these violet-hued spirits. They need help to pass out of this world and into the next. And some are so angry they are on the verge of becoming Shades, dark vortexes of energy. But Aura just wants the ghosts to leave her alone so she can spend time with her boyfriend, Logan. When Aura is paired with a new foreign-exchange student to research the Shift for a class project, she is determined to ignore her partner’s sexy Scottish accent and discover the cause of the Shift so she can reverse it. Then Logan dies a most untimely death. Forced to reconsider her relationship with the living and the dead, Aura is caught in a love triangle with her violet-hued boyfriend and her hot research partner... one of whom may hold the key to reversing the Shift." (Summary from goodreads.com)

I have been hearing so much about the Shade trilogy for months and I'm so happy now that I decided to pick up the first book at the bookstore when I noticed it misplaced on a table near the register. Shade was such an interesting and captivating story that only took me a few short hours to read. I loved everything about this book.

In the world that Jeri Smith-Ready has created anyone born after what is called the Shift has the ability to see ghosts. The ghosts need help to move on or some become angry and turn into Shades instead. Aura is one of the individuals who was born after the Shift and doesn't want to see the ghosts. However that all changes when her boyfriend Logan dies unexpectedly and Aura can see his ghost. I thought Aura made an excellent protagonist. She is smart but still flawed. I liked that she wasn't a whiny character either even though a lot does happen to her.

Then there are the boys, Logan and Zachery. Logan is Aura's boyfriend and dies suddenly. He returns as a ghost and isn't quite ready to leave Aura just yet. It was difficult for me to not love Logan even though he is definitely a flawed character. Zachery just moved from Scotland and is Aura's new research partner for school. It was also very easy to love Zachery. This is a character I have particularly heard quite a bit about and I completely understand why now. 

The plot picks up immediately and it was easy to read this book in just one sitting. The concept with the ghosts and the Shift was really interesting and different from anything else that I have read so far. I really liked that it's all presented clearly throughout the story too.

This story sent me on a roller coaster of emotions though. I admit I cried at times but there were still plenty of lighter moments that made me laugh. I also loved all the music mentioned in this book. I'm a big music person so I love when I have songs that I can listen to while reading. Overall I strongly recommend Shade. It was an excellent start to an exciting and romantic story.   

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  1. I read this book awhile ago, but I honestly don't remember any of it. I'll definitely be rereading it soon. Thanks for the great review!

  2. Oh dear, guy's with accents :)
    I have heard about this book recently, and by your review I'm gonna have to check it out!
    *put it in my TBR pile*
    I also love when I book mentions music a lot, too.

    Great review!!

    Magen Corrie

    1. Thanks Magen! Zachary will definitely make you swoon. Hope you enjoy it! :)

  3. Wow, this sounds really, really good! Like you I've heard a lot about it but I never thought about reading it until now!

  4. Awesome review!! I am on the waiting list for this at my library. I have been wanting to read it for a long time so I decided that it's finally time to get to it. I will read it a few chapters at a time between books like I did with Enclave.

    1. I had totally planned on doing that too but it was so good! Hope you enjoy it too! :)

  5. Wow a YA storyline that is different from most things you have read! In YA it is so hard to find something unique that I know I have to pull this one off the back of my shelf, dust it off, and give it a try. I love books that can make you so emotional that you cry or feel what the characters are feeling in the book.

    Thanks for the great review.

  6. I really want to start this series! I've heard awesome things about it. Plus, I love the new covers. :) Thanks for the review!

    1. Thanks Krystianna! Love the new covers also! :)

  7. I love this series and I'm glad you loved the first one! Shine is my favorite. :)

  8. Love books that can take me on that roller coaster. Thanks for review,
    Brandi from Blkosiner’s Book Blog


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