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Flirting In Italian by Lauren Henderson

Flirting in Italian
By: Lauren Henderson
Released: June 12, 2012
Source: Netgalley
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*A copy of this book was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review 

"Four girls. One magical, and possibly dangerous Italian summer. Family mysteries, ancient castles, long hot nights of dancing under the stars . . . and, of course, plenty of gorgeous Italian boys!" (Summary from goodreads.com)

Lauren Henderson's Flirting in Italian is the story of Violet who goes to Italy to study abroad. She is spending her summer with three other girls and learning about the culture and history of Italy.

I had high expectations starting this book because it sounded really fun but unfortunately it didn't quite live up to it for me. Violet leaves home for the summer to go study in Italy. Violet was a character I had a hard time really liking at first but she definitely grew on me the more I kept reading. I really liked that she isn't pushed around easily though and she will stand up for herself and her friends.

Violet is staying with three other girls for the summer as well. First there is Kelly who Violet immediately gets along with. I really liked Kelly and learning more about her backstory. Then there are Paige and Kendra who I wish were in the book even more. There are also plenty of Italian boys. I really liked Andrea and Leonardo. However, I'm still not entirely sure how I feel about Luca.  

I loved the setting in Italy and that was my favorite part of this story. I was also excited to finally put to use what Italian I can understand while reading this story. I felt that the plot didn't really go anywhere and it didn't start to get really good until the last couple of chapters though. Some parts were funny though and the last couple of chapters were unexpected. There was still enough going on with the plot for me to keep reading and wanting to know what would happen next so it was a pretty quick read. However, I found that I just kept waiting for it to really take off. I also have a problem with how the book ended. Overall I liked Flirting in Italian but unfortunately it fell short for me. I'm curious to see what will happen next so I will definitely continue to read this series though.

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  1. Too bad you didn't really love this book, but glad it was enjoyable enough for you. I haven't really seen many great reviews for it. I guess I am glad I skipped this one. Great review.

  2. Great review! I've seen a similar opinion from many people who reviewed this--that it just kind of fell short. Iffy protagonist, meh love interest, and kind of nonexistent plot. But the setting does sound fantastic. :D I love reading things set in foreign countries. It's fascinating.

    1. Thanks Lexie! I love books set in foreign countries too!

  3. Aww :( It does sound like a fun book so it is sad to hear it fell short for you. Thanks for the review.

  4. Really great review, not the first time I've heard it's not the best it could have been. I've been trying to get the galley but keep getting turned down. Oh well, maybe next time. Thanks for sharing.


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