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Intangible by J. Meyers

By: J. Meyers
Released: January 31, 2012
Source: E-book from the author
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"Twins Sera and Luke Raine have a well-kept secret—she heals with a touch of her hand, he sees the future. All their lives they’ve helped those in need on the sly. They’ve always thought of their abilities as being a gift. Then Luke has a vision that Sera is killed. That gift they’ve always cherished begins to feel an awful lot like a curse. Because the thing about Luke’s ability? He’s always right. And he can’t do anything about it." (Summary from

J. Meyers' Intangible is the story of Sera and Luke who are twins with secret special powers. Sera can heal with her touch while Like can see into the future. However, their lives change when Luke has a vision of Sera being killed.

I really enjoyed Intangible and finished this rather quickly. Luke and Sera are twins with powers that they try hard to keep a secret. Luke sees visions of the future but he has never been able to stop a vision from coming true. Sera's gift of healing is powerful and I especially liked learning more about her power. I also really loved the relationship that they share. I liked that this wasn't just Sera and Luke's story though because there were a couple of other interesting characters.

Marc is the new guy in town but he also has a secret. I definitely wished to know even more about his story. Then there is Fey, who is Sera's friend. There is also Jonas, who I also wanted to know more about. I liked that the chapters alternated because I got to know a bit more about more than just Luke and Sera.

The plot took sometime for me to get into at first but the more I read, the more I enjoyed this book. It just kept getting better and better. The alternating chapters confused me in the beginning but once I got used to it, I thought it helped move the story along. Overall, I really enjoyed this book and I especially enjoyed the last couple of chapters. Meyers creates a fascinating world that includes several types of mythology. I recommend Intangible, it's an interesting and suspenseful story.

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  1. Great review!! I enjoyed this book too. I can't wait to see what the next book will bring! :)

    1. Thanks Sara! I'm really excited to see what happens next too!

  2. I really enjoyed this book too. I am excited to see where the story goes next. That was quite an interesting ending, though not very unexpected. I loved so many of the characters. I thought the multi POV really helped you get more of the story and what was really going on for everyone. Awesome review!

    1. Thanks Amy! I'm rea;;y looking forward to the next book too!

  3. It was definitely bigger than I expected! And I liked how much story it encompassed... if that makes sense. LOL.


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