Friday, April 13, 2012

Peek Into Our Bookshelves:

The other night on twitter I was discussing bookshelves with a couple of bloggers including Monica at Cover Analysis. So she made a fun post with some photos of our bookshelves.
Check it out and you can even get a peek at what my bookshelf looks like. I really need to buy a new shelf soon because I'm certain that one more book will break the shelf. But for now you can see just how messy and overflowing my bookshelf is here: A Peek Into Our Bookshelves (Vol 1) 
(Also you can find out how you can be featured in the next post!)

*Yes I do somehow own four complete sets of The Twilight series. I don't even know how that happened. And yes I do have candy from Harry Potter world on the top shelf. Yummm :)
So what does your bookshelf look like? Is it really organized or messy?  


  1. I bookshelves are a combination lol and I even have boxes of books that I need more bookshelves for lol. In my living room alone I have over 1000 books. Happy Reading !!!!

    1. Lol wow that is impressive 1000 books! I have a little over 200 on my shelf and more in boxes but nowhere near 1000. I wouldn't know what to do with so many! :)

  2. That is AWESOME. I have this strange obsession with staring at other people's bookshelves. o_o Whenever I see them in a picture or a video, I always try and identify every single book that I've read or heard of by their spine. It's strange. -shakes head-

    My bookshelf is very, very neat for some reason. Sadly, at the moment, I only have the one, but we are working on getting me another bookshelf, because there are over 100 books lying in stacks on my floor.

  3. Isn't it! I am the same way, I love looking at everyones bookshelves. Lucky that you have a neat shelf right now and woah 100 more books on the floor. You definitely will need a new shelf!


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