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Ripper by Stefan Petrucha

By: Stefan Petrucha
Released: March 1, 2012
Source: ARC from NYCC
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"You thought you knew him. You were dead wrong. Carver Young dreams of becoming a detective, despite growing up in an orphanage with only crime novels to encourage him. But when he is adopted by Detective Hawking of the world famous Pinkerton Agency, Carver is given not only the chance to find his biological father, he finds himself smack in the middle of a real life investigation: tracking down a vicious serial killer who has thrown New York City into utter panic. When the case begins to unfold, however, it’s worse than he could have ever imagined, and his loyalty to Mr. Hawking and the Pinkertons comes into question. As the body count rises and the investigation becomes dire, Carver must decide where his true loyalty lies. Full of whip-smart dialogue, kid-friendly gadgets, and featuring a then New York City Police Commisioner Teddy Roosevelt, Ripper challenges everything you thought you knew about the world’s most famous serial killer" (Summary from

Stefan Petrucha's Ripper is the story of Carver who has always wanted to become a detective. Then Carver is adopted by the mysterious Detective Hawking and is finally given the opportunity to look for his biological father.

I really enjoyed Ripper and found it hard to put this book down until I solved the mystery. There were so many interesting characters that I wanted to get to know even more about. Carver is a young orphan who has dreams of becoming a famous detective. When he is adopted by Detective Hawking he is brought into an exciting world of crime solving. Detective Hawking is a bit odd at first and I didn't like him immediately, but his character grew on me as the plot progressed. I had fun though solving the mystery alongside Carver though. It could get a bit predictable at times but there were still some surprises.

I loved the Pinkerton Agency and it was fun learning about them. I especially liked reading about the technology they had and especially how to get into the agency itself. Another interesting character was Delia who grew up in the same orphanage as Carver. She was also adopted though and goes to work with The New York Times. I kind of wish to have gotten to know her character a bit better because I really enjoyed the relationship she shared with Carver. She was smart and somehow always knew what he was up to.

I loved the opening chapter and it instantly got me hooked on the story. I thought it was so interesting how Petrucha intertwined the Jack the Ripper murders into the story. The letters especially gave the plot a creepy feeling to it. I was completely fascinated by the setting in New York and Petrucha brought me back in time. I also really enjoyed were the short chapters. It helped move the plot along much quicker. I would sit down to read only a couple of chapters but before I knew it I was almost done with the book. Overall I recommend Ripper, it was an exciting and interesting mystery.

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  1. Thanks for the lovely review, Traci - glad you enjoyed it!

  2. I love murder mysteries and Jack the Ripper really fascinates me. I just noticed this book a couple of days ago on Goodreads actually. It sounds really good! Awesome review!

    1. Thanks Giselle! Yes me 2, I am so fascinated by Jack the Ripper. After reading this book I spent about 2 hours just researching it.

  3. I really enjoy mysteries and I love that this one incorporates Jack the Ripper into it. I've always been fascinated by real crime stories and even though this is fiction the fact that it has that little bit of history intrigues me. Great review, I enjoy how you talk up the characters. I love that it's one of those books you fly through without realizing it, definitely my type of read!

    1. Thanks Andrea! It was definitely a book that I finished much sooner than I was expecting. I am a bit of a history junkie and I am especially interested in crime stories.


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