Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Waiting on Wednesday #26: The Unquiet

Waiting On Wednesday is a weekly event hosted by Breaking the Spine that spotlights upcoming releases.

The Unquiet
By: Jeannine Garsee
Release Date: July 17, 2012

"Sixteen-year-old Rinn Jacobs has secrets: One, she’s bipolar. Two, she killed her grandmother. After a suicide attempt, and now her parents' separation, Rinn and her mom move from California to the rural Ohio town where her mother grew up. Back on her medications (again!) and hoping to stay well, Rinn settles into her new home and school. She refuses to be daunted by the fact that the previous owner hanged herself in Rinn's bedroom, or that her classmates believe the school pool is haunted by Annaliese, a girl who drowned there. But when a reckless séance goes awry, and terrible things start happening to her new friends—yet not to her—Rinn is determined to find out why she can’t be "touched" by Annaliese...or if Annaliese even exists. With the help of Nate Brenner, the hunky “farmer boy” she’s rapidly falling for, Rinn devises a dangerous plan to uncover the truth. Soon reality and fantasy meld into one, till Rinn finds it nearly impossible to tell the difference. When a malevolent force threatens the lives of everyone she cares about--not to mention her own--she can't help wondering: who should she really be afraid of? Annaliese? Or herself?" (Summary from

I am looking forward to this book because the summary sounds really good and I love the cover.

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  1. Oh. I like the cover! The book sounds very good and Mysterious! Great choice! Thank you for sharing!

    Thank you for stopping by and commenting on my blog!

    Books For All Seasons

  2. The Unquiet! I featured this about 2 months ago on my WOW pick. I can't wait to dig around the mystery behind it!

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    A Cupcake and a Latte: Young Adult Reviews!

  3. Im looking forward for this one too! great pick =9


    Happy reading!
    Dazzling Reads

  4. amazing cover

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  5. I heard about this book a few weeks ago. I mean it sounds like kind of a downer, but it's kind of intriguing. I'm not sure if I love the cover though. I'll be interested to see what other versions look like.

  6. this doesn't sound like a book I would normally read, but then again I think I should try new things cause this book is intriguing !! stop by my post @ My Pathway to Books

  7. This definitely sounds AWESOME!! I'm going to check it out forsure!!

    Anna @ Literary Exploration

  8. I love the blurb - sounds very tangled, I like the author's taking on a character with a mental illness. I have it in my GR wishlist too.

    My WoW this week

  9. I love this cover! And the story sounds amazing! I can't wait for this one, either :0)

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  10. I really want to read this one... I think this actually was one of my WoW picks a few weeks ago. :) Great pick!

    Fictional Distraction

  11. The title and the synopsis sounds really gooood! definitely waiting for this one!

    Here's my WoW pick
    Jay @ We Fancy Books

  12. Woooow! This one sounds SO interesting!! Thanks for sharing!!

    Here's what I'm Waiting On this wednesday! =]


  13. This sounds amazing! Awesome pick!

    Xpresso Reads

  14. Love the cover. This books sounds amazing. Great pick!
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    A Beautiful Madness

  15. I hadn't heard of this one before. Thanks for sharing! It sounds quite intriguing and I'm always up for a good ghost story! :)

    Happy Wednesday!
    Jessi @ Reading in the Corner

  16. Sounds very captivating, enjoy!

  17. OHH!!! Love that cover! Hadn't seen this one before but I'm adding it to my list or preorders :) Thanks for sharing!

    My WoW

  18. OoOo I've just added it to my list. Sounds like a great read and I love the cover! Here's my WoW

  19. Just added this to my TBR list. Thanks for sharing!

  20. I can't wait to read this one too - sounds great!
    Our WoW is at Book Sake. -Jessica

  21. That cover is simply amazing! o: It sounds so interesting, too. I'm definitely putting this one on my "to-read" list.

    -Kat (Midnight Reader)

  22. I love water covers! They're just so strange-looking. Suicide attempt? This book seems to be brimming with emotion.

    - Asher (from Paranormal Indulgence)


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