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The Dig by Audrey Hart

The Dig
By: Audrey Hart
Released: November 11, 2011
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"Zoe Calder has always been an outsider. Stashed away in boarding schools since her parents died, Zoe buries herself in the study of ancient worlds. Her greatest thrill is spending her summers with her archeologist aunt and uncle on digs around the world. And one day, while investigating a newly unearthed temple in Crete, Zoe discovers a luminous artifact that transports her to ancient Greece. As Zoe quickly learns, the Olympian Gods are real, living people—humans with mysterious powers… Powers that Zoe quickly realizes she has come to possess, as well. However, when the people of ancient Greece mistake Zoe for an Olympian, the Gods must restore the balance of the ancient world… No matter what. Zoe is forced to play a confusing and dangerous game as Hera rallies the gods against her—all except for Zeus, the beautiful, winged young god who risks everything to save her. Out of time and out of her element, teenager Zoe Calder finds herself in ancient Greece, battling against the power of the Olympians and the vengeance of a scorned goddess—all for the strange and mysterious boy she has come to love." (Summary from

Audrey Hart's The Dig is the story of Zoe who finds herself transported back to ancient Greece while on an archaeological dig with her aunt and uncle. While in ancient Greece, Zoe discovers that the Olympian Gods are real and she possesses powers similar to theirs. However, Hera believes that Zoe is disrupting the balance and she will do anything to get rid of her. 

The Dig is an interesting and fast paced adventure with realistic characters. Zoe is a relatable character who is bit introverted and insecure because she has always been an outsider. Zoe knows what the popular fashion is but she chooses to be herself instead. She has these insecurities but she is still tough and when she finds herself back in ancient Greece, she doesn't give up. Zoe also has some hilarious sarcastic remarks when she finds herself in certain situations.

I love Greek mythology and I really enjoyed the surprising and different approach that Hart took. The gods and goddesses are like a high school clique and when Zoe threatens the balance, they want to get rid of her. However, Zeus defends Zoe. Zeus is a complicated character because he is beginning to grow tired of his friends but he still feels loyal towards them. I enjoyed how the relationship between Zoe and Zeus develops naturally and realistically. Another character that I must mention that I loved and I wished there was a bit more of was Creusa, the nymph.

The plot moves along fast but the story never feels rushed. I love the setting in ancient Greece and Hart does an excellent job creating the feeling as though the reader was transported back in time right alongside Zoe. The ending doesn't necessarily leave on a cliffhanger but, I am still dying to know what will happen next. I will definitely be looking forward to the next book in this great new series. The Dig is an exciting adventure that I highly recommend.  

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  1. I've seen this cover twice so far. I like it! The story sounds very interesting! I like stories when they don't feel rushed! Absolutely awesome review!! Thank you for sharing!

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