Thursday, August 18, 2011

More Information On New Michael Grant "Transmedia" Experience

I received even more information in an email to share about the new Michael Grant project as well as an interview to pass along which provides a bit more answers.

The missing son of a U.N. diplomat... the reemergence of a strange organization... a pair of society twins caught in the middle... this is just the beginning of "Go BZRK."
Michael Grant, author of Gone series, has a new “transmedia” experience. A transmedia story is an interactive narrative told through the written word, video, puzzles, and more. But most importantly, it encourages fans to become part of the action. 
You can begin by visiting and registering with to take your first steps in a strange and compelling universe. Filled with video, puzzles, community collaboration, and more, "Go BZRK" put YOU the player right in the middle of the action as you join Nexus Humanus and unravel a mystery that may hold the key to the fate of all mankind. 

What is “Go BZRK”? Is this a book or some kind of interactive story? 
Grant: Both. The book comes out this winter, but the interactive part starts now.  One leads up to the other, but they're part of a complete package.
Why “transmedia”? 
Grant: There are different approaches to transmedia.  Most people take a single story and reproduce it on various platforms.  My philosophy has been to make each element - ARG, app, web, book - a thing unto itself, each revealing some aspect of the world of BZRK.  I've been fascinated with this is as a new way to tell stories.  The book remains central, but now I can reach beyond the book and create a much more complete world.  I can tell stories that enhance the book, and stories that parallel the book, and stories that are offshoots of backstory.  I guess the answer to "why" is "because it's fun." 
 How long is this running? Is this part of a larger picture? 
Grant: We'll be running this in several chunks between now and the book release this winter. Because these things have a hard start/stop point, August is a ramp-up phase. There'll be a lot of content coming out, but the experience really gets underway at the end of the month… just in time to distract the kids from their schoolwork. 
What if someone wants to follow the story but doesn’t want to participate? 
Grant: You don't have to do anything.  You can do one thing and not another.  But the deeper you plunge the wetter you get.  I think every part of this is fun, I think people will enjoy the ARG, the app, the site and the books.   
What can you tell us about the story? What is “BZRK”? 
Grant: It's a battle for the soul and freedom of the human race carried out simultaneously in the world we know, and in a world that you're not going to expect. It's a world where if you make a false move, you're going to lose your mind. 
Insanity… is this something you have a personal familiarity with? 
The line between writer and crazy person is very thin.  Both go around holding long, involved conversations with people who aren't there. 

As I mentioned in my first post, I am really excited and interested in this new project. This new information has answered a few more of question but the more I keep learning the more anxious I am to see how it will all come together. I have visited both sites and I have already joined I plan on doing various posts in the upcoming months as more updates come out about this project.

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