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The Gathering by Kelley Armstrong

The Gathering
By: Kelley Armstrong
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Released: April 12, 2011
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"Maya lives in a small medical-research town on Vancouver Island. How small? You can’t find it on the map. It has less than two-hundred people, and her school has only sixty-eight students–for every grade from kindergarten to twelve. Now, strange things are happening in this claustrophobic town, and Maya’s determined to get to the bottom of them. First, the captain of the swim team drowns mysteriously in the middle of a calm lake. A year later, mountain lions start appearing around Maya’s home, and they won’t go away. Her best friend, Daniel, starts experiencing “bad vibes” about certain people and things. It does’t help that the new bad boy in town, Rafe, has a dangerous secret…and he’s interested in one special part of Maya’s anatomy: Her paw-print birthmark."(Summary from

Kelley Armstrong's The Gathering is the story of Maya who lives in a small medical-research town. Maya's home is located in the park that her father works in and she helps out with the injured animals. Mysteriously cougars keep appearing around her home but, that is not the only strange occurrence in Maya's small town. Her best friend Serena, who was captain of the swim team, drowned in the middle of a lake. Also there is the new boy Rafe who is interested in learning more about Maya.

The Gathering is a suspenseful mystery in which Armstrong captures the reader's attention immediately from the first page. I love that it ties into The Darkest Powers series but, you won't be confused if you have not read the series. Maya is a tough, daring, and sarcastic protagonist who brings much comic relief to the plot and can also take care of herself. Maya has a few flaws and in the end she begins to realize them. Daniel and Rafe were interesting characters and I am excited to learn more about them. I enjoyed The Gathering but, the plot leaves many questions unanswered and the ending leaves on a cliffhanger. I will, however, be looking forward to the next book in this series and recommend The Gathering as well as The Darkest Powers series.  

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