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City of Fallen Angels by Cassandra Clare

City of Fallen Angels
By: Cassandra Clare
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Released: April 5, 2011
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"Who will fall in love, and who will find their relationship torn apart?Who will betray everything they ever believed in? Love. Blood. Betrayal. Revenge. In the heart-pounding fourth installment of the Mortal Instruments series, the stakes are higher than ever." (summary from

Cassandra Clare's City of Fallen Angels picks up a couple of months after the previous book in The Mortal Instruments Series, City of Glass. A mysterious person is killing the shadowhunters who used to belong in Valentine's circle. Clary is beginning her training to become a shadowhunter but, is finding herself distracted as Jace begins to pull away from her. Simon is not only still adjusting to his life as a daylighter but, he is balancing two girlfriends, Isabelle and Maia.

City of Fallen Angels is a dark and captivating follow up to City of Glass. The plot flows with each switch in character narration and I did not want to put the book down. I enjoy the different character point of views because it provides me with a deeper understanding of each character. Reading more from Simon's perspective has made me love him even more. The friendship between Simon and Clary is unique because, after everything they have been through and all of the changes that have taken place, their friendship has remained the same. 

Clary is a fearless heroine that is becoming even stronger as she begins her training. She has greatly matured since City of Bones and is learning to not rush into a situation without thinking. Jace is still trying to come with terms about Valentine and his biological father. Clary and Jace bring out the best in one another and their relationship has already survived so much but, they still have more trouble ahead of them to face. Jace is pulling away from Clary and as a result develops a unique friendship with Simon.

The new characters, Maureen and Kyle, are charming additions, and play important roles as the story progresses. It is interesting how the prequel, Clockwork Angel, ties into the plot of City of Fallen Angels. Clare once again creates a thrilling world to escape into with exciting characters and an ending that leaves you desperate for more. I can't recommend The Mortal Instruments series enough and City of Fallen Angels does not disappoint. I also suggest picking up the Barnes and Noble edition, which includes Jace's full letter to Clary from City of Glass.

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